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Stainless Steel Deep Frying Pot

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Enjoy fried food just like in restaurants !

With this Tempura Fryer Pot, you can make any kind of deep-frying dishes such as chicken karaage, japanese tempura, french fries, fish and more. Cook the food to the best taste and a delicious meal for family or friends. It also comes with a built-in thermometer for precise temperature control to bring you more delicious food. In addition to being used for deep-frying food, this Stainless Steel Fryer Pot can also be used for cooking food. Make delicacies with heart, fry, and drain oil, the operation is more convenient.

Accurate oil temperature control can make food more delicious!
150°C-160°C French fries, fried potatoes, fried eggplant
160°C-170°C Fried sweet potato, fried lotus root, croquette, tonkatsu
170°C-180°C Fried squid, fish and shrimp, chicken nuggets, crackers


  • Premium Material :This fryer pot is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, durable and has good heat insulation performance, heating rapidly and evenly. It compatible with various fire sources, including gas stoves, induction cookers, electric stoves, and other fire sources.
  • Temperature Measurement DesignEasy to install the thermometer on the side of the pot, you can use the thermometer to accurately grasp the oil temperature and brings you more delicious food. The attached thermometer can measure the oil temperature up to 200℃

  • Detachable Oil Filter Rack : The tempura deep fryer is equipped with a removable oil drip rack lid, used to drain the excess cooking oil in the food and reduce grease intake. Furthermore , the lid helps to prevent hot oil from splashing and protects your hands from getting burned.
  • Safety and Easy to clean : The fryer features riveted curved handle , which is safe and firm in use, easy to clean and store. The top section of the pot can be removed for easier washing and draining the used cooking oil. Also easy to use, simply pour the oil, put it on your stove and start frying!

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  • Do Not Wash the Thermometer with Water, Wait to cool, Wipe it with a Paper Towel.