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Reusable Non-stick BBQ Grill Mat

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Make Grilling Easy!

This BBQ Grill Mat is designed to grill your meat or vegetable efficiently and effectively while giving both sides perfect golden brown.



 * Brand new Teflon BBQ Grill Mat for barbecues and microwave oven use
 * BBQ Grill Mat works for indirect cooking on gas, charcoal, and electric grills
 * Place mat on grill surface and food directly on mat
 * Great for vegetables, bacon, fish, kabobs and more
 * Non stick and reusable
 * Resistance to high temperature up to 260 Celsius
 * Dishwasher safe  
 * Material: Teflon Fiber
 * Size: Approx. 40x33cm & 40x50cm

1. For food heating:
    a. Cut the BBQ mat to your desired size and shape with scissors 
    b. Place the mat on a pan, plate, or other container
    c. Place food on the mat
    d. Remove the mat after the food is broiled and the mat becomes cool. Clean the mat with wash water.
    e. Barbecue mat can be used repeatedly. 
2. Can be used as oven gasket:
    a. Electric oven: Place the mat on the bottom of the oven or the lowest grill
    b. Steam oven: Place the mat on the lowest grill instead of directly placing on the bottom of the oven.
    Please note, keep the COOKING MAT off the fire and keep a distance from the fire when you using the grill. 

Package include
BBQ Grill Mat  



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