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Non-stick Stove Protective Mat

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If you are sick of cleaning the mess, stains and grease from your stovetop ! Here is the solution !

These Gas Range Knob Protectorsare the ultimate solution to your messy stovetops.These are non-stick, one-wipe clean, reusable cover for your stove burners.For gas stove, put protectors under burner grate below the flame. Protector must be clear of any flame to avoid possible file injuries or product damage.


  • Eco Friendly :The stove liners are 100% Certified BPA & PFOA Free, you can wash them in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher multiple times, they are durable and reusable. It have non-stick coating keeps gas plates clean. With this gas range protectors , you could keep away your family from harmful chemicals.
  • Heat Resistant : These gas stove protectors can withstand high temperatures up to 500℉ which are durable as compared to traditional aluminum foil liners although these are not 100% fireproof and can be burn if touched by the flame.

  • Adjustable : These stove liners can be effectively cut to fit different gas stoves.The stove burner cover have the pre-cut inner circle, before use you can use scissors to trim the holes in the stove cover according to stovetop size.
  • Easy to clean and reusable : These gas range protector have a strong non sticking function. Therefore , you can easily wipe the grease, stains, dust and oil from the gas stove liners with wet cloth. These are also dishwasher safe & reusable, it doesn't warp fold or wrinkle and can last longer.

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