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Multifunctional Scissors Knife

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A Must-Have In Your Kitchen

This Multifuctional Scissors Knife is meticulously designed to help you cut through any types of meat or fish and make cooking a breeze. Its sharp blades allows you to easily slice through even the toughest meat! Innovated with versatility and convenience in mind, this may just be the only scissors knife you will ever need in the kitchen!



Ergonomic Design

Comes with a comfortable grip for your hands to hold as you cut food in the kitchen. This Scissors Knife is made of premium quality, corrosive-resistant and sharp stainless steel blades that will take cutting to the next level!



Apart from just cutting and chopping food, this scissors knife can also be used for scraping fish skins, opening bottle lids and many more. This is most certainly not your ordinary kitchen knife!



It can be disassembled into separate kitchen knives to meet your cutting needs. This handy kitchen tool will improve not only the food preparation time but also your cooking experience! All in all, this scissors knife is the perfect tool for cutting food ranging from chicken to vegetables.


Easy to Clean

After your food preparation, this handy kitchen tool can be cleaned easily by just running through your tap water. The non-stick technology will keep all the food stain away from your kitchen knives.  


Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 26cm*10.3*3.5cm

Weight: 333g

Size & Dimensions

Package Included

1/2 x Multifunctional Scissors Knife