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Food Preservation Tray

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Creative Tool For Food Storage And Space Saver!

Reusable Creative Food Trays are a unique new product that has completely transformed the way you store and save your food. Magic technology elastic film, reusable, it can achieve the perfect sealing of food. This sealed trays are compact size,it makes perfect for the refrigerator and other small places. It also suitable for home life, camping, party, etc.


  • High Quality Material : Made of eco-friendly imported PP, is crafted from food safe materials that are BPA free and completely nontoxic. You can safely store meats, cheeses, fish, fruits and more.
  • Unique Design : This food preservation tray are elegant appearance, strong fresh-keeping ability, can store a variety of foods and easy to use. There is a buckle design around the tray, which makes it easier to seal the food and can firmly lock to prevent the food overflow.
  • Space Saving : Trays can be stacked, which saves space and is more convenient. It suitable for refrigerating cabinets, small refrigerators, and other facilities which can keep your fridge or other facilities in clean and tidy.

  • Reusable and Durable : Instead of using the disposable food storage box or plastic wrap, this elastic film is not easy to break. It easy to store and which can be reusable to reducing waste.
  • Easy to Clean : Easy to clean up, for the elastic lid to clean, just use some soft cloths to wipe it gently.
  • Keep Food Fresh : This food preservation tray can keeps food fresh in a long time and can avoid your food exposing to air or dust. It is also the best tool for the kitchen, camping or parties.

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