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Baby Teething Mitten

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Relieves and Soothes Your Teething Baby!

This Baby Mitten is designed to keep your teething baby from scratching themselves, making them happy and safe during the teething period. It can also help to relieve sore gums with its soft silicone technology. Last but not least, it is safe for long-term usage.



  • Food Grade Silicone - This teething mitten is absolutely safe for baby as it is made of high-quality soft BPA free material. Parents can let their baby use this product with peace of mind as it will not cause harm to your baby's health.

  • Adjustable - It can comfortably stay on your baby's hand to prevent it from dropping on the ground.  It can also be worn on whichever hand your baby prefers.

  • Easy to Clean - This mitten can be washed in either washing machines or dry cleaning which can save you a lot of time. This teething mitten will protect your little one while maintaining good hygiene.

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