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Baby Shampoo Shower Hat

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Make bathing a fun and joyful experience for your toddler!

This Baby Shower Cap is designed to prevent soap and water from entering your baby's eyes while you shampoo their hair. Apart from being a useful baby bathing accessory, it can also be used as a toy to excite your baby during bath time. It is designed to be lightweight so that your baby won't even feel that they are wearing it. The material is super soft and flexible for you to adjust accordingly to the size of your baby's head.

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  • Premium Material : This shower protection cap is soft and environmentally friendly. It is made of EVA material for flexibility and durability. It is very comfortable and will not hurt your baby.
  • Light Design : It has a concave design and is very lightweight for safe usage. It helps to prevent shampoo & water from stinging your baby's eyes.

  • Adjustable and Foldable : The shower hat comes with 4 adjustable fasteners on the cap so you can adjust accordingly to the size of your baby's head circumference. It is also easy to store, just twist and fold!
  • Multifunction :It is a 3-in-1 multi purpose baby cap. Suitable for showering, hair cut, shading or even use it as a bib. Convenient and useful for every dear mummy!

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