October 22, 2018

Aging is an undeniable fact, but there's no excuse to justify not looking good, even if you're above 40! Today's day and age have advanced so much in our understanding of skincare and beauty that age truly is just a number. Put a halt to the numbers on your skin by incorporating the following tips into your life.

Oil up!

Harsh weather and aging cause your skin to dry out and lose its ability to retain moisture. Dehydrated skin leads to dullness, wrinkles and accelerates aging. Thus, a substance as hydrophobic as oil gives you just the protection you need.

Scrub away the numbers

Your skin sheds cells every day, overtime these pile-ups and form a layer on your skin. This layer of dead cells dulls your glow and makes skin prone to several other issues. Thus, scrubbing should be an essential part of your routine.

Eyes don’t lie

Even the most consistent of beauty routines could fall flat if you forgot to manage the eyes! The skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest on our face; it wrinkles easily thus is the earliest to give away the age. It is essential to incorporate an under- eye cream/gel that helps remove fine lines, dark circles, etc so you look your best every day!

Skip the sun

In addition to causing skin cancer, UV damage is also a leading cause of aging. Excess sun exposure dulls the skin, produces fine lines and reduces the skins ability to retain moisture. Your best defense against the sun is to use sunscreen religiously, avoid going out at peak sunlight times and use an umbrella or protective clothing.



Eat for the skin you want

Most people are so focused on choosing the right product to apply on their skin that they forget the importance what they are putting into their mouths. The feed you eat undoubtedly makes the skin you have so make sure you eat loads of green leafy vegetables and fruits!

Exercise is important

The importance of exercise to a healthy body and mind is undeniable! But many don't realize just how essential it is for your skin too. Sweating helps your skin wash out toxins while the increased blood flow rejuvenates your skin like no other.

Next time you're hitting the gym, eating or delving into your skincare routine, make sure you follow these tips thus keep aging at bay!