October 22, 2018

Freezing temperatures, dry winds and chilly nights! Winters can be a tough time for anyone, let alone your skin that has to face the weather straight on. Your usual routine skin routine may get you through your day, but your skin needs special attention during winters. So, here’s a list of 5 winter trends that will keep your skin glowing during this gloomy season!

Befriend Hyaluronic acids

The name may sound intimidating but trust me, hyaluronic acid is the winter friend you need! A substance famous for its anti-aging and moisture holding properties, few drops of hyaluronic acid before you moisture will allow the moisture to penetrate your skin better and enable your skin to retain more moisture.

Discard the foaming cleansers

While foaming cleansers can do wonders for those with oily skin, the winter season does not require it. Your skin is dried up as it is during the winters and foaming cleansers have been proven to be too harsh on the skin, so this winter switch to a gentle alternative such as a cream cleanser

Invest in face oils

Prevention is better than cure and applying oils once in a while gives your skin a solid defense against dehydration. Oils are highly hydrophobic thus they not only retain moisture but also prevent the harsh weather from damaging skin.

Moisturising is key

Your skin’s biggest enemy is dehydration and the winter season is the perfect breeding ground for this. Switch out your traditional moisturizer for one with a richer cream content. Moisturizing several times a day is crucial, especially before and after any activity involving water, e.g. showers as this when your skin is most vulnerable to drying up.


Switch to acid scrubs

Scrubbing is a necessary part of every skin care routine, irrespective of the season but it becomes even more important during the winters. Dryness often causes the dead skin to pile up and hide your glow, thus scrubbing is essential but traditional scrubbing methods are too harsh! Especially for the winter skin which is very prone to dehydration, switch to acid scrubs. Apply a few drops to cotton wool and wipe skin with it, this gently scrubs away the skin leaving it fresh and glowing.

So, this winter as we say goodbye to sunny days, make sure your skin still shines through by following these 5 skin care regimen trends. Remember, the leaves may turn dull, but your skin should never have to!